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"When information is received that a voter is ineligible, the SOE must follow established procedures to confirm ineligibility prior to removing the voter from the rolls."

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How is someone who's ineligible to register in Florida removed from the voter rolls?

How do we ensure compliance?

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WHEN a voter is verified as ineligible THEN they are removed from the voter rolls.

In order to be eligible to register and vote in Florida, a person must be 18 years of age, a citizen of the United States of America, a legal resident of the State of Florida, and a legal resident of the county in which that person seeks to be registered. 

If the Department of State (DOS) or Supervisor of Elections (SOE) receives information that a registered voter is ineligible the SOE must adhere to the procedures set forth in Florida Statutes (FS) prior to the removal of a registered voter’s name from the statewide voter registration system (FVRS).

The SOE of the county in which the voter is registered shall:


  • Notify the registered voter of his or her potential ineligibility by mail within 7 days after receipt of notice or information. 

  • The notice must include a statement that failure to respond within 30 days after receipt of the notice may result in a determination of ineligibility and in removal of the registered voter’s name from FVRS.

  • Any voter whose name has been removed from FVRS pursuant to a determination of ineligibility may appeal that determination under the provisions of FS 98.0755.

  • Any voter whose name was removed from FVRS on the basis of a determination of ineligibility who subsequently becomes eligible to vote must reregister in order to have his or her name restored to FVRS


  • ALERTS the SOE if the voter is not mailed a notice within a predefined timeline

  • ESCALATES to the DOS if the voter is not mailed a notice within a predefined timeline

  • ENFORCES Florida law by holding the SOE accountable if the voter is not mailed a notice within a predefined timeline

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